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It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Conference „Professional issues and challenges in the Physiotherapy“. At this expert Conference we shall present you domestic and foreign experiences in the Physiotherapy, the challenges and obstacles faced by physiotherapists and how to sucessfully overcome them.

In order to raise awareness of the role and importance of Physiotherapy in everyday life and drawing attention to the current problems that the physiotherapists face in their work, the Croatian Council of Physiotherapists, as a competent professional organization, organizes the professional international Conference, which will, among other interesting content enable the participants a comparative review of regulation of Physiotherapy as an autonomous activity which is the sine qua non activity of the modern man and society.

The role of Physiotherapy is immeasurable, because Physiotherapy helps in improving and maintaining mobility and independence, reduces the possibility of a potential disability, thus preventing the development of chronic conditions and helps to overcome the physical limitations.

Physiotherapist improves the quality of life and because of its specificity and role in life, Physiotherapy is an independent activity, and physical therapists in order of their training, acquisition of knowledge and competence attend a study of Physiotherapy.

The conference will be held under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, the Ministry of Health and the Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic due to the social, professional and every other character of the covered topics.

The Conference will attend, as the invited speakers, Executive Board of the European region - the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (ER - WCPT), as well as other notable domestic and foreign experts in the field of Physiotherapy.

We look forward to seeing you and we appreciate your professional contribution.

The President of the Croatian Council of Physiotherapists
Mirjana Grubišić

Conference "Professional issues and challenges in the Physiotherapy" under the High Patronage:

  • President of the Republic of Croatia,Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
  • Ministry of Health
  • Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić


A. Participant

B. Payer (if different from Participant)


Paid by 15 March 2017 Paid after 15 March 2017 Paid on-site
HKF members 70,00 EUR 85,00 EUR 95,00 EUR
STUDENTS 55,00 EUR 70,00 EUR 80,00 EUR
OTHERS 100,00 EUR 115,00 EUR 130,00 EUR
The fee includes: sessions admission, conference materials, coffee breaks, conference and dinner.


Beneficiary: HRVATSKA KOMORA FIZIOTERAPEUTA, Derenčinova 1, Zagreb
Bank name: Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR62 2402 0061 1005 9408 6
Reference number: 00 2017-9

E. Terms & Conditions

1. Registration Procedure
As soon as your registration is received, you will get a confirmation email and an invoice for the payment.

2. Payment
Payment can be done only by bank transfer. Using bank transfer, please note all bank charges must be supported by the participant/payer and should be added to the total amount. Cheques are not accepted. Rates in EURO will be charged in Croatian Kuna per the Croatian National Bank official exchange rate at the day of invoicing.

3. VAT
As stated in the article 53 of Directive 2006/112/EC, registration fee is subject to VAT applicable in the country where the event is taking place, even when supplied to taxable persons. The VAT charge is therefore applicable to all participants. Please consult with your country’s tax advisor for assistance in claiming your refund. Per Croatia's tax regulation a 25% VAT charge has been applied to the registration fees. Organizer reserves the right to amend this charge should the VAT rule or rate change. For EU companies to apply VAT directives and to avoid any complications, please make sure your VAT number is officially recognized by the EU Taxation and Customs Union office. Should your company not be VAT registered or your EU VAT number cannot be recognized by the EU site mentioned above, the VAT amount will still be added to your invoice and won’t be refundable.
Organizer cannot be held responsible for any problem you may encounter related to VAT refund or VAT number not provided.

4. Registration Fee Cancellation Policy
Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent by email indicating the cancelled delegate. The following rules apply in case of cancellation – for individual and group cancellations:

  • Cancellation notified until and including 15 March 2017 will merit 50% refund (minus administrative charges of 50€).
  • Cancellation made after 15 March 2017 will not merit refund.
  • Refunds will not be made for no-shows and unattended events.
  • Bank charges applied to a refund will be borne by the delegates.

In case of overpayment or double payment, refund requests including valid proof of the overpayment or double payment must be made in writing and sent by email to the Organizer, no later than one month after the event. An administrative charge of 50€ will be applied for all refunds.

5. Visas
It is the sole responsibility of the participant to take care of visa requirements. Participants who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the visa application procedure. Please check here. Participant registration details might be shared with the immigration authorities to assist in the immigration process. To receive an invitation letter for the event, participants must first register and pay the registration fee in full. They can then contact the Organizer to ask for the invitation and/or warranty letter. All expenses incurred in relation to the event and the visas are the sole responsibility of the participant. Should the delegate not be granted his/her visa, the registration fee will be reimbursed (minus an administrative charge of 50€) if and only if he/she provides the Organizer with an official document from the concerned Embassy rejecting the visa and that the application was made at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date. The Organizer will grant visa invitation letters up to four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Within four (4) weeks from the event date visa invitation letters cannot be guaranteed.

6. Data Protection
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7. Travel Insurance
Delegates traveling to Croatia are strongly advised to procure their own personal and travel insurance.

8. Cancellation of the Event
Where the event is cancelled because of a force majeure or insufficient number of participants or for reasons which are not the fault of the Organizer, only the registration fee will be refunded, less administrative charge of € 50,00 per registration; however, this shall not apply to any other expenses exceeding this (such as, for example, hotel booking, flight and train tickets, etc.).

9. Regulations
The Organizer reserves the right to make amendments to the program or any related activities at its discretion. These changes do not lead to a refund or a reduction in price of the registration fee.

10. Acceptance of Terms of Use
These Registration Terms and Conditions shall apply to all delegates registering to the event.



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